As an academic/research content creator, you’ll be working closely with SupraOracle’s research and marketing teams to produce industry-leading research on blockchain technology and more specifically the intricacies of oracles, cross-chain economics, security, DeFi, and more.

We thrive on trust and honesty. We believe in the positive and ethical impacts these cutting-edge technologies in a decentralized environment can make on the world. Your alignment and cultural fitment to these core values and beliefs are of considerable value to us.

About SupraOracles

Why Choose Us?


You’ll be responsible for meeting with the research team to deep-dive into our innovations and understand why our technology is a strong solution for the market. You will also coordinate with the marketing team a cadence for the creation and delivery of the content pieces so they can push them to the market. At times, there may be a need to work with designers to visually represent your research so you must be able to “bring your research content to life”.

Additionally, it will be important for you to stay up to date on the latest updates in crypto technology, including but not limited to the latest trends that SupraOracles can capitalize on, differentiating factors of our competitors, and existing limitations of the blockchain space.

To succeed in this role, you must be relentlessly curious and enjoy being hands-on with exploring cutting-edge technology. You must be willing to ask questions to deepen your understanding, but also take a bird’s eye approach as to WHY this technology is so important to achieve.